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Genç Ticaret Elçileri
About Project

Genç Ticaret Elçileri

Main Objective of The Project Innovation
Project TitleGenç Ticaret Elçileri
Project AcronymGTE
Project Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy)01/11/2019
Project Total Duration36 Months
Project End Date (dd/mm/yyyy)31/10/2022

Sustainable economic development is possible through the active participation of young students into every sphere of life, especially employment and entrepreneurship. Young students having jobs and leadership roles in business, enables them to be economically productive, to have an increased standard of living and also to increase their countries’ economic output and to foster the economic prosperity of the next generation. Despite the importance of young students’ participation in economic life, youth creativity and entrepreneurial potential are an under-exploited source of economic growth and job that should be further developed .

Despite these promising actions and support programmes developed accordingly, young students still face some majör challenges which sometimes cannot be transcended easily when establishing and running a business, such as reconciling business and education concerns. Young students continue to shoulder a disproportionate part of the responsibilities involved in studying at universities and many young students feel that they have to choose between a good educational career and their future objectives.

A solution for them to actively participate in economic life by coping with this challenge is to engage in entrepreneurial activities and international markets which necessitate maximum mobility while acting in a larger market at the same time. This solution is simply to gain experience on global markets and is especially relevant for young students who have limited opportunities to work abroad and trying to take part in their local market, and also for those who wish to start their own business in foreign trade but have mobility barriers.

In addition to the challenge of reconciling business and eduvational concerns, EC underlines three more important challenges faced by youth entrepreneurs; access to emprical information, on-site training and access to networks for business purposes. All these barriers signal that; young students who would like to businesses in foreign trade and who have limited access to international business network are in need of information and training provided at their locality in order to flourish their business ideas through foreign trade activities and global networks. The trainings and all relevant information from starting a business for foreign trade to business planning and management should also be provided through innovative solutions for them to reach at anytime and anywhere they wish.

YOUNG TRADE AMBASSADORS Project has been designed as it will address these constraints and needs of young students. The project will increase the entrepreneurship initiatives of young students through foreign trade activities by the development and implementation of high quality learning tools which will be developed according to comparative analysis of learning needs of young students and potential foreign traders, and will include all relevant training modules for starting and running business for foreign trade, best practices, sources of further information, self-assessment tool, business model development wizard and a simple webshop for selling&exporting products to international markets.

It aims to solve the problems of the partner countries who are in need of qualified personnel who can speak languages in native fluency of the target market countries, as well as to increase the foreign trade volume of the partner countries by creating synergies among the foreign buyers of partner countries which are engaged in production and sales in different sectors.  

In these regards, the project is addressing the priorities of Key Action 2, for contributing to increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship with increased level of digital competence, improved levels of skills for employability and new business creation, increased opportunities for professional development and increased motivation and satisfaction at daily work. Besides, the project contributes to improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunities that are tailored to individual young learners’ needs through groups in need and also designing and implementing effective provision for enhancing key competences of specific young target groups that are currently not well served, by establishment of a strong transnational partnership. The partnership is composed of the organisations which have specific expertise in each core dimension of the project; such as development and delivery of trainings on foreign trade and entrepreneurship, learning development modules integration of students and SMEs (all other partners).

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