Needs Analysis for the Skills and Qualifications of Youth in Foreign Trade
The aim of this analysis was to examine gathered opinions from questionnaires filled out by students on a range of issues surrounding foreign trade. 

The feedback from the questionnaire will be used to further develop our digital platform/ resources, ensuring the content is relevant and up-to-date for users.

Five partners (Müsiad Hessen e.V, Bursa Technical University, Polish Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina) had the task to distribute the survey to students in their country. The goal is to learn what are students’ perspectives on foreign trade and what skills do they find most important in doing business in this field. 

The questionnaire was conducted altogether within 95 students from 5 different countries (Germany, Turkey, Poland, UK and Serbia). 

The questionnaire is in English. The scale was mostly about ranging given statement (evaluating giving statement from 1 to 5). 

Students' age, sex, university, language and professional experience was not part of the examination. An arithmetic mean was created for each of the questions from the questionnaire, presented later in the chart. In that way, one can visually get the impression of the majority opinion of students from a certain country. Answers varies depending on students’ knowledge and general business climate that is present in any specific country.