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Young Trade Envoys Will Work Hard to Export

Within the scope of the 'Young Trade Ambassadors' Project conducted by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), representatives of the business world, academicians and university students came together at the consultation meeting. Details about the project, which will enable the students of Bursa Technical University's foreign trade and logistics department to take an active role in the foreign trade operations of the companies, were shared.

The project information meeting, which was held as a result of the long-term studies of the 36th Professional Committee including foreign trade companies of BTSO, was organized online with the participation of Murat Bayizit who is Vise President of the Assembly and  President of the Foreign Trade Council, Ersan Keleş who is President of 36. Grup, approximately 60 company executives, academicians and university students. At the meeting, the managers of the companies that are members of the UR-GE projects conducted by BTSO shared their experience and knowledge in the field of foreign trade with the students of the foreign trade and logistics department studying at Bursa Technical University.


The Young Trade Envoy Project, which is a bridge between universities and the business world, provides convenience to both students and BTSO members who want to export. The program, which receives a grant within the scope of the Vocational Education Strategic Partnerships activities of the Erasmus + program, also make possible that students gain foreign trade experience. Providing information about the program, Murat Bayizit said that they signed protocols with many chambers of commerce and industry in Europe within the scope of the project supported by the Bursa Governorship. Bayizit stated that cooperation protocols were signed with the UK Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MUSIAD Hessen Branch from Germany and Serbia's Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “Our project prepared within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, aims to provide that our young people with the necessary qualifications are employed abroad as representatives of our companies.” Said Murat Bayizit.


Murat Bayizit stated that they also aim to improve the language levels of the students with the project., “With this project, our students will have oversea experience and will also present our culture. And most importantly, we will have the opportunity to employ foreign trade personnel who have been studied abroad and have field experience. This project will help our companies to increase their export figures. I would like to thank our BTSO President İbrahim Burkay and the members of the board of directors for their contributions to the project.” said Murat Bayizit.


Established under the leadership of BTSO with the support of the 36th Professional Committee, the Erasmus+ Young Trade Envoy Project is a student-oriented project and aims to create an education platform that can be accessed free of charge for anyone who wants to improve themselves in the field of foreign trade. With the support of the project stakeholders with the surveys and reports prepared, the foreign trade modules created by the academicians of Bursa Technical University and the project partners offer a qualified foreign trade education.

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